Oil Energy Video Production cheltenham

Oil & Energy Video Production

No industry has the bigger impact in the world than the energy industry. Oil, gas and electricity provide us with heat, light, mobility and enables us to travel the world and study in the evenings. Since 1990 the global energy demand rose by 50% and by 2035 it’ll be much higher. There are new innovations…

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PCB Assembly Electronic Manufacturing Video Production cheltenham

Electronic Manufacturing Video Production

We can shoot PCB assembly, cable assembly, material procurement, prototyping and showcase your soldering capabilities. Video can be extremely powerful on your website, and we film in crystal clear 4K and colour grade the footage along with visual effects, graphics, voice-over and music to create the right tone and mood for your client. Don’t just…

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Construction Video Production cheltenham

Construction Video Production

Video has never been so effective at communicating to your customers thanks to social media and video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, whether you provide brickwork and materials, build new energy-saving houses or you are a property developer. We film taking health and safety into account, and try to accurately portray your mission…

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engineering video production 1

Industrial Video Production Company in Cheltenham Gloucestershire

We are looking for more opportunities to create fantastic industrial video productions. We record and produce the videos in stunning 4K, colour graded and personalised to help you communicate your business clearly. enquiries@lukesuttonproductions.co.uk Tel: 07973993049

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Video Production Company For Engineering, Manufacturing & Industry

Engineering companies use videos to demonstrate the capabilities of the production machine to sell to their clients. The sales representative will use the video as part of the presentation in the initial meeting. Using the video on your company website will increase conversions and enhance your website visit duration, which in turn helps increase sales…

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One More Mountain Music Video Filming Begins

We’ve made a good start with filming the new music video for April and Matt. Accomplished singer/songwriters in their own right, April and Matt met on a Christian songwriting retreat, where a common passion to share hope to those struggling soon emerged. So far we’ve made plans to film footage in two more locations including…

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Our upcoming music video for One More Mountain with April Shipton & Matt JR Hurley

We’ll be directing and filming the next music video ‘One More Mountain’ with April Shipton and singer/song writer Matt JR Hurley. We previously helped film April’s latest music video, working alongside the fantastic director Abhinav Revis of the Christian Broadcasting Network, and now we have our chance to try some new ideas and techniques. We…

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New video for Alexandra – Motivational Coach and Speaker

Marketing video production for coach and motivational speaker Alexandra Waldermar-Brown. The complete version will feature audio and be used for Facebook and Instagram advertising. Filmed in flat, colour graded in post and filmed in 50m and 24mm frame of shots.

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engineering video production 3

Engineering Videos – Increase sales of your machines

We specialise in video production of the machine industry, automation and large manufacturers of automated plant robots which produce goods and assemble components like car batteries, or engineered components. Our filming style typically shows crisp picture quality in 4K resolution, attractive colours, smooth panning and step-by-step video production of the machines process. You can see…

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