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    Print & Graphic Design for UK Defence Contractor

    For this project, I used images from https://www.defenceimagery.mod.uk/fotoweb/ under a general public licence, and colour graded them to add some depth to the images. Each panel is 52 x 52 inches in size, and I was tasked with designing and installing 8 of them onto a Mezzanine side rail. After colour grading the photo, I…

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    What Kellogg’s Cornflakes Can Teach You About the 2020 Recession

    This is a simple message but it’s probably the most important post you will see in 2020, if you haven’t seen it already. In the time of a recession, amidst a global pandemic, your very first instinct is to cut your expenses right away, cease advertising and hope somehow, this will all return back to…

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    Should I Wait Until the Lockdown Is Over Before Marketing My Business? Our Opinion.

    So covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our economy and so far this year we have witnessed flooding, masses of people panic buying toilet paper and pasta, and even a barrel of oil dropping to negative $40 a barrel as demand dries up – less value than that of a toilet roll. Now for any business,…

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    Businesses Are Adapting to COVID-19 by Changing Their Approach Online

    In possibly the worst case scenario a business could face, many business owners are adapting to the covid-19 lockdown by ways of online coaching, consultation, selling and online trading. This will be a gamble for many businesses, especially in such a precarious time; we simply do not know when this lockdown will be lifted, and…
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 and What You Can Do for Your Business

    I really did not want to write another scripted post like many others have regarding this horrible pandemic. Lives have been lost, and businesses ruined. As of the time of writing this post, I myself like many others in the industry understand the economic implications this will have on our businesses. We will succeed through…