Filming at Automated Production in Dorset

We have been back in Dorset filming their latest automated respirator filter machine for medical uses (to fight against Covid-19). This machine takes precut parts, and assembles specially made filters, as well as testing them to ensure quality control. The filming process was tough because of lighting – this is almost always an issue in…

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Filming at Automated Productions in Dorset

We filmed at Automated Productions in Dorset, and managed to capture some crisp footage of a machine which creates respirator filters. Automated Productions are specialists in design, development and support of custom production solutions; a leading partner to many of the world’s largest manufacturers within a diverse range of industrial and geographical markets. They specialise…

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rmgroup uk industrial automated robot palletising video production

Rmgroup UK Just Chose Us for Video Production on Their Automated Packing Systems & Robotic Automation

We are happy to announce we will be filming and producing videos for RMGroup UK Ltd. RMGroup was founded in 1995 following a successful contract to pack Animal Feed for British Sugar. The company’s reputation for timely response and a leading team of hands on mechanical and electrical engineers grew rapidly, as did the ever-increasing…

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Industrial Video Production Company in Cheltenham Gloucestershire

We are looking for more opportunities to create fantastic industrial video productions. We record and produce the videos in stunning 4K, colour graded and personalised to help you communicate your business clearly. Tel: 07973993049

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Video Production Company For Engineering, Manufacturing & Industry

Engineering companies use videos to demonstrate the capabilities of the production machine to sell to their clients. The sales representative will use the video as part of the presentation in the initial meeting. Using the video on your company website will increase conversions and enhance your website visit duration, which in turn helps increase sales…

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