MiTek Aspire series – Forfar Truss Company video in production

We have been quiet lately and for good reason; we have been filming a series of video productions for Mitek, in Aberdeen and Cornwall. The Aspire video series focuses on some of MiTek’s long-standing customers, telling the story of these business successes. This video (still in production) tells a story of The Forfar Truss Company…

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Industrial Filming

We specialise in industrial filming and industrial manufacturing video production. Filming is about capturing a series of moving images to create a motion picture. Over the years, this has evolved into filming with electronic sensors and recording media to flashcards and other electronic media. Filming in an industrial setting or industrial workplace brings its challenges;… Read More
Filming of Automated Robotic Packaging Machinery

Filming of Automated Robotic Packaging Machinery at Customer Sites

We started off filming automated robotic and packing machinery with TBS back in 2017, and we have a keen eye for detail, and have specialised in this field ever since. Because of the increasing growth of automation in manufacturing and food production, capital equipment manufacturers face competition from China for the very same equipment, and… Read More
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Manufacturing Video Production Company

There is no better way to demonstrate the capabilities of your manufacturing capabilities than video. With video, you can clearly communicate the process of the manufacturing, and each individual stage into short segments. We work with various Companies such as TBS Engineering and RMGroup, producing high-quality video productions to help facilitate their unique selling points,…

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rmgroup uk industrial automated robot palletising video production

Rmgroup UK Just Chose Us for Video Production on Their Automated Packing Systems & Robotic Automation

We are happy to announce we will be filming and producing videos for RMGroup UK Ltd. RMGroup was founded in 1995 following a successful contract to pack Animal Feed for British Sugar. The company’s reputation for timely response and a leading team of hands on mechanical and electrical engineers grew rapidly, as did the ever-increasing…

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Filming an Industrial Automated Video Production for The Battery Industry

Filming for TBS Engineering went well on Wednesday the 3rd June 2020, and we managed to get aerial drone footage to begin with, and then the video production of the robot arm / conveyor belt and cast-on machine. (Yes we are licensed to pilot drones for commercial footage!) This particular machine weighs the groups of… Read More
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What Makes Us Stand Apart From the Rest with Industrial Video Production?

Our experience originated from Engineering video productions, beginning with TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire, and ever since, we have been producing high-quality videos for the defence sector, and various other industries. We can take care of the creative aspect; all you have to do is tell us what it is that you need filming. We’ll do…

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Top 10 Tips for Production Engineering Videography

Okay so you have an interest in production engineering / industrial videography and you want to provide these kind of videos for your clients? We may be able to help you here. We have filmed numerous production engineering videos for clients, as well as provided industrial photography for their printed marketing materials. Filming in an…

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What is involved with industrial video production?

Whether you are an engineering company, a renewable energy business or a manufacturing facility, you have probably looked into video production before, as a means to advertising your services to potential clients. Video is a very powerful way to get your message across. We take a 50% payment upfront and the remaining payment on the…

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Time-lapse filming video production

Time-lapses are excellent at showing a lot of progress in a very short amount of video time. We can produce static time-lapses where the camera in situated in one fixed location, or we can place the camera on an automated slider which will move progressively slowly throughout the time-lapse process; ofcourse the latter being effective… Read More