RMGroup and Lantech Machines Filmed

We have recently been commissioned by RMGroup and Lantech to film some automated packing machines on an assembly line at the Allied Hygiene facility in Kent. These are a few of the photographs taken onsite and the video is still in production. Our main focus here is to show the cardboard extractor (Lantech C-1000) which…

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engineering video production 1

Industrial Video Production Company in Cheltenham Gloucestershire

We are looking for more opportunities to create fantastic industrial video productions. We record and produce the videos in stunning 4K, colour graded and personalised to help you communicate your business clearly. Tel: 07973993049

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engineering video production 3

Engineering Videos – Increase sales of your machines

We specialise in video production of the machine industry, automation and large manufacturers of automated plant robots which produce goods and assemble components like car batteries, or engineered components. Our filming style typically shows crisp picture quality in 4K resolution, attractive colours, smooth panning and step-by-step video production of the machines process. You can see…

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