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  • Video-footage-from-just-stills-Defence-Contractor-Video-Production
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    Video Footage From Just Stills

    Check out our latest mini-project. We have used a regular still-image and styled with different layers, as well as using keyframing to shift these layers over a relatively small time frame to create an almost Netflix’ style effect; where the layers shift to create the illusion of motion. With dust, clouds, and a styled LUT…

  • factory filming videos
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    Factory Filming

    We have a keen eye for detail and have specialised in factory filming in the last few years, since we started filming automated robotic assembly machines with TBS in 2017. Global competition in capital equipment manufacturing has necessitated better marketing strategies, and video is certainly the best way to increase sales and conversions with potential…
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    The Benefits of Capital Equipment Marketing with Video Production

    We not only specialise in video production with capital equipment manufacturers, but we also play a key role in website improvement, and search engine optimisation. We produce video productions that are designed to make the best impression, and to give an excellent return of investment. We have improved our filming technique, combining clean 4K visuals,…
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    More Industrial Filming at TBS Engineering

    We have recently been filming at TBS Engineering on their latest machines, and we have used this opportunity to not only improve out filming style, but to implement stylish infographs and motion call-out titles. You can see some examples below. There are many standards that we do our best to adhere to when filming capital…

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    New Video Production for Women in Golf And Business

    Video Production for Women in Golf And Business Video production for PGA Fellow Professional Nicky Lawrenson, and her new company, Women In Golf and Business. Awesome sound track by Burn Water. This was a more creative video as opposed to a simple intro and interview video with Nicky herself. We used Kodak colours and added…
  • We have upgraded our cameras to the new sony a7siii for raw footage
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    We Have Upgraded Our Cameras and Equipment

    We have recently upgraded our main camera to the new Sony AS7III. The Sony A7SIII is due to ship in a month time, and the main reason we upgraded was for RAW footage. If you use the new Sony A7SIII with an Atomos Ninja V external recorder, you can record ProRes 422 RAW at 14-bit. …

  • factory video production
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    Industrial Video Showcase – Our Video Production Services

    Welcome to Luke Sutton Productions. This is our industrial video production showcase for 2020. We have specialised in manufacturing / video productions for the last few years, and we wanted to show you some of our favourite shots all in one clip. We have experimented with different filming styles, and colouring with different music sources.…

  • factory video production
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    Factory Video Production

    We specialise in video production for manufacturers across the UK, working with companies like TBS Engineering and RMGroup Ltd. Factory videos are industrial videos essentially, and these kinds of video productions can range from training, health & safety, and internal communications, to manufacturing video productions, which are for sales and communicating with key investors and…
  • defence sector defence industry video production luke sutton 4
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    Defence Sector Video Production

    We started working with a defence contractor in mid-2019. We began with video production for their website homepage, and then provided the photography of their manufacturing process. Our client later asked us to redesign their website, which we did. To this date, we continue to provide product photography and video production for this client. The…
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    Why We Stand Out as Video Producers

    Our experience originated from Engineering video productions, beginning with TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire, and ever since, we have been producing high-quality videos for the defence sector, and various other industries. We can take care of the creative aspect; all you have to do is tell us what it is that you need filming. We’ll do…