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Video production seems expensive? Here’s why..

I normally dislike having to justify why I charge what I charge, but there is on occasion a total misunderstanding with a client’s expectations, with regards to video production and what I charge. I’ve run three other businesses including website design, and search engine optimisation, but with my video production business, some clients expect a…

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COS Cast On Strap Video Production

We have experience filming COS Cast on strap machinery video productions in the past for TBS Engineering in Gloucester – a large Capital Equipment manufacturer that specialises in the lead-acid battery industry. COS videos need to be filmed in sequence and shown clearly for the potential client. These video productions are usually used by sales…

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Production Engineering Video

We can work on a short notice and film a high-resolution production engineering video, with both aerial drone and ground cameras. Production engineering overlaps substantially with manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, and supply chain engineering, and we have already done quite a few production engineering videos, including COS cast-on-strap automation videos for companies such as TBS… Read More
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Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Video Production

Renewable energy has been on our mind for some time. With the introduction of the net-zero legislation, the net-zero carbon economy being a priority for the Government, and the Government’s upcoming investment in low-carbon and renewable energy generation, technologies and storage, the future of energy companies is looking exciting, prosperous and rewarding. In order for…

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Industrial videography and photography

We can film high-resolution video productions on both the ground, and in the air using aerial drones. We are also CAA qualified with a permission for commercial operations; a copy of our certification can be sent on request. Video is superior in marketing and advertising by a long shot. People connect with video in a… Read More
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Renewable Energy Video Production

Renewable energy is driven by innovation. In order for renewable energy companies to compete with fossil fuel technologies, they have to keep modernising. Video marketing is a very effective way of communicating a lot of information in a short amount of time, and renewable energy video production is the way forward. Educating people about renewable… Read More