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  • TNA-solutions-automation-video-production
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    Filming food production machinery with TNA Solutions

    TNA solutions video production, featuring the impressive Roflo, and Robag VM3 machines for food manufacturing. TNA developed the world’s first end-to-end snack production solution.

  • Animated-photo-of-my-Grandad-from-WW2
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    Animated photo of my Grandad from WW2

    I recently animated a photo of my Grandad from WW2. My Mother’s birthday is soon approaching and she will be 70 this time around, and she misses her father since he passed away in 2008. I decided a good gift would be an animated picture of him, like what i saw in the movie Harry…

  • rmgroud-radnor-hills-case-study-video-production3
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    Rmgroup automation video production under review

    The RMGroup UK case study video with Radnor Hills is almost complete and currently under review, and in the finalising stage with the help of MarblesPR, and the RMGroup team. Along with MarblesPR, the RMGroup team and Radnor Hills, we have produced a professional client case study video production, highlighting Radnor Hills success with automation,…

  • RNA-Automation-industrial-video-intro-idea
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    RNA Automation Industrial Video Production Intro Idea So Far

    So far on the intro idea with the video production for RNA Automation – it’s very early days! I haven’t even graded the colours yet, and the intro will be improved a great deal. Watch this space.

  • riverside video lockdown 2020
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    Lockdown In Spring 2020. A Short Video I Made On The River Side

    Just a short video I made whilst walking on the Riverside in Ross-on-Wye during this lockdown. The weather seemed right and I wanted to convey these feelings on film. Soundtrack by Tool – Disposition

  • Leonards-at-39-cocktail-bar-video-production-5.jpg
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    Sex on the Beach! New Cocktail Video Production for Leonards at 39

    Close-up camera work, hand-held and manually focused. This video production was for Leonards at 39 Cocktail Bar. This video is part 1 of 2 and is aimed at drawing attention to promotions on a flat screen display above the bar area. Our Bartender, Tom, was fantastic to work with. He had excellent patience with me…

  • Val warner website design
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    TV Chef Valentine Warner Web Design Launch

    We have worked alongside Jones Design Creates to build a website for TV Chef Valentine Warner. Valentine Warner is a chef, food writer and broadcaster known for his deep love of nature and travel. Valentine needed to freshen up his website, and we was tasked with building the website that was designed by the Jones…

  • Industrial Filming Video production 1
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    Industrial cast on strap filming with TBS Engineering

    We have recently filmed another video production for TBS Engineering in Gloucester, as well as providing industrial photography of their cast-on-strap machines, which are automated battery assembly machines. We have been chosen exclusively to provide industrial video productions for TBS Engineering, and we have vastly improved our game since late 2019, when we began working…
  • Luke Sutton passed UAV Academy UAV drone pilot 1
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    Videographer with a Drone Licence

    My name is Luke Sutton, I hold a PfCO (permission for commercial operations) from the Civil Aviation Authority, and I am a videographer. I specialise in producing video productions for both small and large businesses, and these video productions are usually for marketing and advertising on their website, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook…

  • renewable energy video production 3
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    Renewable Energy Videographer

    Renewable energy has been on our mind for some time. With the introduction of the net-zero legislation, the net-zero carbon economy being a priority for the Government, and the Government’s upcoming investment in low-carbon and renewable energy generation, technologies and storage, the future of energy companies is looking exciting, prosperous and rewarding. Marketing statistics show that…