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New Video Production for Women in Golf And Business

Video Production for Women in Golf And Business

Video production for PGA Fellow Professional Nicky Lawrenson, and her new company, Women In Golf and Business. Awesome sound track by Burn Water.

This was a more creative video as opposed to a simple intro and interview video with Nicky herself. We used Kodak colours and added a little warmth to the footage, and selected the perfect soundtrack to go along with the video.

The golf ball spinning towards the camera effect was done using two stages. The first stage using the drone flying backwards from Nicky as she followed through without using a golf ball. The second stage was using stop motion and taking multiple pictures of a golf ball. I used a 5500k lighting and a simple polystyrene base, along with a little green card underneath, to provide a more accurate lighting for a golf ball flying over the green! In post production, I blurred the shot in, and used key steps to remove the blur as the ball got closer into the shot, along with scaling towards the frame. The resulting shot just looks fantastic. It was more work that was required, but I like to under-promise and over-deliver to ensure the creative space is there, to produce a better video production.

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