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Industrial Presentation Video.

We specialise in video presentations for industrial automotive industries. This means that engineering salesmen can better pitch and close the sale with their automated machinery. Each video production is tailor-made and planned beforehand with precision; each step of the automation carefully revised before filming.

We regularly provide video presentations for TBS Engineering in Gloucester. TBS have over 40 automated machines that specialise in the production and assembly of car batteries, for car manufacturers such as Ford, Mercedes and BMW. They sell their machines to clients all over the world, and they regularly send salesmen worldwide to close the sale with potential clients.

They required our services with a step-to-step video production that shows the automated process, and videography that wasn’t boring or dull. After all, they don’t want their client to fall asleep whilst watching the video. Most of their existing videos were old and outdated. They wanted something fresh, impressive and we had the solution. We filmed in fantastic 4K, colour graded the footage so it looked slightly cinematic, and synched the footage to a corporate-themed soundtrack. It was a success.