Video Production and Commercial Photography for Steve Heathcote Chartered Financial Planning

It has been a really successful day today; a video production and commercial photoshoot with Steve Heathcote – a financial planner based in Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire.

The who shoot was done in Skylon Park in Hereford. This clean and modern office environment was my choice, I’d previously been on a photoshoot there a few years ago, and this business park had left a good impression on me.

This financial advice video production is the opening greeting for his new website which we are also currently developing. Below is some images of the photoshoot and filming process.

The technical bit: 

We shot the video production in Cine4 on two Sony A7III mirrorless cameras. To be careful not to blow out my highlights, I opted for keeping the camera ISO as low as it could go to reduce noise, used ND filters and plenty of lighting to balance the light out in the composition. The sun being our rim light, a bowens light with softbox for our key light, and a large white reflective panel for our fill. I wanted to give a ever so slightly warm feel to the video, which i did by creating a custom picture profile in the camera. I filmed most of my shots with Sigma Art 50mm and 24mm lenses, and I’d figured out their sweet-spot was around f3.5 for the aperture.

For the Camera A, I just used the 24mm and cropped in post. For the Camera B, I used a 50mm and placed placed the camera on a motorised slider which has a loop function, setting the speed to about 60%. The movement creates a soft parallax effect, and can look very impressive when placed on good sound, and along with good B roll footage.

For the sound, I used Rode wireless LAV microphones as there was quite a lot of noise from the road outside, and I wanted to control that as much as possible during the shoot.