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    Our Video Production Used At Zeus Juice Trade Show

    We have had a busy few months, finishing multiple video productions – soon to be released on our portfolio page. In the last two weeks, we have seen three of our video productions being displayed at trade shows in the United Kingdom, The United States and even Dubai. Here is the video production we made…

  • Our-Video-For-Rmgroup-Displayed-At-PPMA-Trade-Show
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    Our Video For Rmgroup Displayed At PPMA Trade Show

    Our video production for RMGroup UK Ltd has been used on their display at the PPMA show this year. The PPMA Show is the largest processing and packaging machinery exhibition in the UK. Showcasing the very latest in processing and packaging machinery, robotics and industrial vision systems, coupled with the latest innovations in materials, containers…

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    Digital Assets with MiTek and Frame Homes UK

    We have worked alongside MiTek, Frame Homes and Macbeth Lankester to capture the story of Frame homes and their partnership with MiTek, in both video and photography.  This photography follows the filming, and these digital assets are for Mitek’s website and printed marketing.  The film itself (as part of an Aspire series) will be released…

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    Fastershire intro – fibre broadband gigaband grant video

    We have been exceptionally quiet about our contract with Herefordshire and Marches and Gloucestershire Broadband Grant as we are still filming and getting the editing right. However, I thought it would be a good idea to atleast share the introduction to the second Fastershire video. Each video has it’s own personalised introduction which features shots of the…

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    MiTek Aspire series – Frame Homes video in production

    We have been filming a series of video productions for Mitek, in Aberdeen and Cornwall. The Aspire video series focuses on some of MiTek’s long-standing customers, telling the story of these business successes.  This video (still in production) tells a story of Frame Homes, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of timber frame homes. We…

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    MiTek Aspire series – Forfar Truss Company video in production

    We have been quiet lately and for good reason; we have been filming a series of video productions for Mitek, in Aberdeen and Cornwall. The Aspire video series focuses on some of MiTek’s long-standing customers, telling the story of these business successes. This video (still in production) tells a story of The Forfar Truss Company…

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    Industrial photos of recent shoots

    It has been such a busy year in this industry, and I have to push work aside at times just to be able to blog and keep everybody updated. These are some industrial photos I have taken alongside my video shoots – specifically in industrial production and industrial manufacturing. I am usually hired to film…

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    Forfar Roof Truss Company

    Industrial photography and a full video production for MiTek and The Forfar Roof Truss Company. Featured people in the photos are Alan Hampton of The Forfar Roof Truss Company, and Jimmy Close of MiTek Industries Ltd.  

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    New Video – Automotive Battery Post burner

    Battery contact post burning / soldering – lead-acid battery capital equipment manufacturing video production. We used higher frame-rates for different shots, as this better demonstrated the post burning and soldering of the automotive car batteries, which were then ready to be filled with lead-acid.

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    Cornwall shoot with Mitek and Frame Homes

    Cornwall shoot went so well – footage looks beautiful going to be great fun putting this together and getting the right feel across. What an incredible location.