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    New video for Alexandra – Motivational Coach and Speaker

    Marketing video production for coach and motivational speaker Alexandra Waldermar-Brown. The complete version will feature audio and be used for Facebook and Instagram advertising. Filmed in flat, colour graded in post and filmed in 50m and 24mm frame of shots.

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    Engineering Videos – Increase sales of your machines

    We specialise in video production of the machine industry, automation and large manufacturers of automated plant robots which produce goods and assemble components like car batteries, or engineered components. Our filming style typically shows crisp picture quality in 4K resolution, attractive colours, smooth panning and step-by-step video production of the machines process. You can see…

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    Advantages of Company Video Productions

    Tell your story Video is a powerful way to engage with your website visitors and on your social media platforms. It isn’t high-pressure advertising and it’s easier on the eyes. It doesn’t require much effort and it allows the viewer to relax. You can tell your story whether you are a major corporation or just…

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    Our new glass; Sigma Art 24mm F1.4 Lens

    We have just added a Sigma Art 24mm F1.4 to our collection for Video Production. This lens features beautiful Bokeh effects, a crisp and dynamic wide angle view with excellent speed, light and vivid colour. An all-new Art line lens featuring F1.4 brightness. Best-in-class optical performance ideal for nightscapes and cityscapes.

  • Property videos for estate agents
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    With our estate agency property videos, Google searchers will find the property in the Google listings as a YouTube clip, and on your site for you to advertise the property itself. The footage will better communicate to visual-based clients and moving footage and walk-throughs are always better than still images. Video can better show the…

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    Documentary style video for your business

    Image is everything these days. If you are trying to gain exposure and trust from people, then the very best way is through video. You can see this with Facebook groups being used as a reliable source of trust instead of using Google search. Seven Seas is a local fish and chip restaurant that has…

  • stan pirie all covered flooring
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    Marketing and website video for All Covered Flooring

    We have recently filmed Stan Pirie at All Covered Flooring. He is well know in the area as one of the best floor fitters in Herefordshire, and we decided to finish his website off with the ideal video which shows a little of his story. Stories always work best in videos, and we’ve tried to…