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  • New-TNA-Solutions-automation-video-in-production
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    New TNA Solutions automation video in production

    We are currently working on multiple videos for TNA Solutions in Birmingham. TNA solutions are the leading global supplier of cutting-edge technology for the food processing and packaging industry. With an international presence, and a global pandemic restricting travel, video production has become the fore-front of communicating with clients and we are working closely with…

  • Filming-with-RMGroup-at-Radnor-Hills-manufacturing-facility
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    Filming with RMGroup at Radnor Hills manufacturing facility

    We have been blessed so far in 2021 with our industrial filming clientele. We have recently filmed RNA Automation, TNA Solutions, and now with RMGroup UK at Radnor Hills in Wales.  RMgroup have chosen us to film and produce a video testimonial with their client Radnor Hills. We have filmed aerial footage and ground footage,…

  • industrial filming gloucestershire 2
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    Mitek Industries & TBS Engineering have chosen us to film and provide commercial photography

    We are soon to be filming and taking onsite photography at TBS Engineering in the next month. The lockdown has allowed Mitek and TBS Engineering to overhaul their website design, and this opportunity has awarded us the commission of taking office and industrial photography, along with 3 days of video production for their online advertising.…

  • RNA-VARIFEED-automation-video-production
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    RNA Varifeed® automation video production

    The goal of this video production was to accurately demonstrate the machine’s capability of counting and placing the product branding on the top. Products that were misplaced/up-side-down are kicked back into a sequence and spun into the centrifuge and back onto the production line. We used an assortment of ground cameras and a drone far…

  • Graphic-design-uk-defence-contractor
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    Print & Graphic Design for UK Defence Contractor

    For this project, I used images from https://www.defenceimagery.mod.uk/fotoweb/ under a general public licence, and colour graded them to add some depth to the images. Each panel is 52 x 52 inches in size, and I was tasked with designing and installing 8 of them onto a Mezzanine side rail. After colour grading the photo, I…

  • RNA-Automation-industrial-video-intro-idea
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    RNA Automation Industrial Video Production Intro Idea So Far

    So far on the intro idea with the video production for RNA Automation – it’s very early days! I haven’t even graded the colours yet, and the intro will be improved a great deal. Watch this space.

  • RNA-automation-industrial-photography-29
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    Industrial Photography for RNA Automation, Birmingham

    We have recently been commissioned to take industrial photography and to film a video production for RNA Automation, situated in Birmingham. This machine in specific specialises in ensuring all products are logo-faced up in each box. It is a clever machine, quickly scanning each chocolate bar in this case, and quickly kicking the barcode-side bars…

  • Video-footage-from-just-stills-Defence-Contractor-Video-Production
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    Video Footage From Just Stills

    Check out our latest mini-project. We have used a regular still-image and styled with different layers, as well as using keyframing to shift these layers over a relatively small time frame to create an almost Netflix’ style effect; where the layers shift to create the illusion of motion. With dust, clouds, and a styled LUT…

  • aerial-photography-roof-inspection-survey-gloucestershire-2
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    Aerial Roof Inspection to Locate Blocked Guttering and Missing Lead-Flashing

    We performed an aerial inspection for a customer in Ross-on-Wye recently. The house is under renovation from a kitchen fire six-months earlier, and the builders noticed an internal leak, delaying progress from rendering on an internal wall. I took the necessary precautions with a pre-flight assessment, and an on-site assessment and took off in the…

  • factory filming videos
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    Factory Filming

    We have a keen eye for detail and have specialised in factory filming in the last few years, since we started filming automated robotic assembly machines with TBS in 2017. Global competition in capital equipment manufacturing has necessitated better marketing strategies, and video is certainly the best way to increase sales and conversions with potential…