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  • rmgroup uk industrial automated robot palletising video production
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    Rmgroup UK Just Chose Us for Video Production on Their Automated Packing Systems & Robotic Automation

    We are happy to announce we will be filming and producing videos for RMGroup UK Ltd. RMGroup was founded in 1995 following a successful contract to pack Animal Feed for British Sugar. The company’s reputation for timely response and a leading team of hands on mechanical and electrical engineers grew rapidly, as did the ever-increasing…

  • Perfecting video shot of cast on strap automated battery assembly video
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    Final Filming Bits – June TBS Engineering Video Production

    We were back filming in TBS Engineering yesterday to get the final footage for this impressive cast-on-strap machine. The robot is capable of weighing the groups before placing them on a conveyor belt system towards a jig box. The groups are then processed carefully, before they are dipped into a lead-cast, cooled and placed into…

  • Industrial engineering video production luke sutton 4
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    Filming an Industrial Automated Video Production for The Battery Industry

    Filming for TBS Engineering went well on Wednesday the 3rd June 2020, and we managed to get aerial drone footage to begin with, and then the video production of the robot arm / conveyor belt and cast-on machine. (Yes we are licensed to pilot drones for commercial footage!) This particular machine weighs the groups of…
  • Aerial roof guttering inspection factory gloucestershire drone pilot 1
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    Aerial Drone Guttering Inspection for Factory Roof in Gloucestershire

    We have undertaken an aerial drone inspection for TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire. This factory roof has a split guttering system due to its unique double-gambrel roof shape. As highlighted on the key map I created, you can see how I’ve had to split the roof guttering into 5 rows, and place the relevant images in…
  • prep recce aerial survey guttering tbs engineering
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    Prepping for Aerial Inspection of Guttering Tomorrow

    We will be conducting a guttering and roof aerial inspection tomorrow for TBS Engineering in Gloucester. We do not have to tell you that without guttering, you will have a problem with rain water on the surface of walls and the roof. Firstly, data is gathered for the pre-flight assessment; weather reports, wind speeds, nearby…

  • web design ross on wye
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    Web Design Ross on wye

    We are based in Ross-on-Wye, and we have designed websites for businesses such as No3 Restaurant, Leonards at 39, and CJP Broadcasting. With over 8 years experience, we have previously worked with other local web design companies providing design and search engine optimisation, so their clients could rank in higher positions in Google. We recently…

  • Wind farm wind turbine surveyors gloucestershire west midlands 4
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    Wind Turbine Aerial Inspection

    We specialise in high resolution aerial drone inspections of wind-turbines, concentrating on the rotor blades, nacelle and tower. The benefits of working with us will provide you with competitive rates, a safe and professional working manner, and a minimal downtime for the turbine itself. We can achieve a drone inspection for visual images on wind…

  • riverside video lockdown 2020
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    Lockdown In Spring 2020. A Short Video I Made On The River Side

    Just a short video I made whilst walking on the Riverside in Ross-on-Wye during this lockdown. The weather seemed right and I wanted to convey these feelings on film. Soundtrack by Tool – Disposition

  • aerial roof surveying gloucestershire
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    Aerial Roof Survey

    Drone roof surveys have superseded scaffolding, as a standard as the first point of inspection for identifying structural issues with a roof. This may include damaged or missing roof tiles, structural damage, chimneys, gutters and gables. We can provide you with crisp high-resolution HDR images and 4K footage of your property, using industry-leading aerial camera…

  • black sony dslr camera 2929411
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    What Makes Us Stand Apart From the Rest with Industrial Video Production?

    Our experience originated from Engineering video productions, beginning with TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire, and ever since, we have been producing high-quality videos for the defence sector, and various other industries. We can take care of the creative aspect; all you have to do is tell us what it is that you need filming. We’ll do…