Romark Labels Website Design Ready for Launch

Romark labels website is ready for launch. So far, we have refreshed their logo design, the colour scheme, their website design and we even asked them to send up some of their sample labels so we could take better pictures and upload them to the site.

First priority was improving the aesthetics of the site; the actual menu and user experience didn’t need too much improvement. Second priority is to launch the site and ensure the SEO of the site is functional; no broken links to old URLs that may have changed, and ensuring not only is the visitor user experience meets expectations, but that the website performance is superior.

I want to provide a strong foundation which we can work from, and for the client to be assured that paid ad campaigns to this site will have a higher conversion rate.

RoMark Labels Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company manufacturing and supplying durable, high performance, printable labels to all industry sectors. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, durable labels available on the market at very cost effective prices. We are proactive in providing a cost effective labelling solution saving our customers time and money for well engineered labels. You tell us what you need in a label and we’ll recommend or design it to suit your application.

They work for a range of OEM suppliers such as Canon, Sony, Philips, Parker, Siemens, and many more.